Vladimir Khlopovsky

multi-instrumentalis | composer| improvisator


He was born with music in his soul. When he was six years old, his music have been noticed by wellknown soviet composer Gennady Gladkov. At the age of 13 Vladimir has won second prize on Moscow piano competition. But he decided to continue guitar study in Moscow Conservatory College mentored by famous Ivanova-Kramskaya. Then was Alexandr Frauchi class in Gnesin’s Music Academy. And the final chord — postgraduate in Lübeck Higher Music School.

At the early 90’s, Lübeck becomes a music Mecca. Zakhar Bron, famous mentor, comes to teaching there. And after him all of his brilliant students gathered in this city. Vladimir was one of this great company, who rocked and raised the musical life of Europe to a new level. In addition to his regular solo concerts touring, he performs in ensembles with Zakhar Bron, Berent Korfker, Valery Oistrakh and others.

At 2000 Vadimir start teaching guitar in Gnesin’s Music Academy. One of his first-class student Irina Kulicova becomes Mozartarium soloist. At that time Vladimir concentrated on recording practice, movie soundtrack and experiments with DJ end electronic musician’s.

But now classic Vladimir Khlobovsky is back. With extraordinary improvisation concerts. Every time new. Never occur again.